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With a dental implant renewal, you have an unparalleled prosthodontic solution.

Dr. McKinney at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts Dental Implant Specialist Hickory NC

Dr. McKinney at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts Dental Implant Specialist Hickory NC

Find Your Way Back After Tooth Loss With Implant Dentistry

Replacing a missing part of your smile has never been easier!

When you lose a tooth, it is important to remember that this is not the end of your story. Take some time to learn about your options in prosthodontic repair with your dentist and make the decision that is right for your smile. With implant dentistry, you have a biocompatible solution that harnesses sophisticated science to give you a tooth replacement that you can trust.

Dr. McKinney Provides State-Of-The-Art Prosthodontic Renewal

Here at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts in Hickory, NC, we are proud to be at the forefront of smile repair. With a biocompatible dental implant restoration, you can replace that missing tooth with an elegant new prosthetic that connects directly to your jaw. Talk to our team about your needs, and we can help you to understand your options, including implant dentistry.

Ready To Learn More About Implant Restoration?

If you have recently lost one or more of your existing teeth, take some time to talk with our team about the advantages of an implant solution. Dental implants give you a strong connection between your prosthetic replacement and your jaw, helping you to improve your bite function and renew your appearance. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Kyle McKinney in Hickory, NC today to learn more about your next steps!

Common Questions About Dental Implant Restoration

Here is some basic information that you need to know.

How Do Dental Implants Operate?

With this form of repair, your implant expert places a sturdy titanium post within the bone tissue of your jaw. This metal interacts with the human immune system in a special way, allowing your bone to grow snugly to the implant post. After your short period of recovery, this titanium post serves as the foundation for your prosthodontic repair.

Can An Implant Restoration Help If I have Lost Multiple Teeth?

Dental implants are also a versatile procedure, helping you to find a path forward. If you are missing multiple teeth, implant dentistry can help you to have a more permanent solution for your unique instance of tooth loss. With implant-retained bridges and dentures, you too can find a lasting repair.

If you are anticipating the need for more extensive renewal due to age or illness, a dental implant can be a graceful way to transition away from your natural smile. Talk to Dr. McKinney about implant-retained dentures, which utilize implant technology to hold a full-arch prosthetic. With all the advantages of a dental implant restoration, it is easy to see why this has quickly become one of the most popular forms of smile renewal!

How Do I Maintain My Dental Implant?

One of the most exciting aspects of implant restoration is that you can care for them in much the same way as your natural teeth. Talk to your dentist about your schedule and follow their directions while you are recovering. Be sure to brush and floss consistently after you have healed, as you are still susceptible to gum disease and other oral health concerns. If you damage your prosthetic, your provider can replace it without replacing your implant post, helping you to avoid the need for further surgery.

When Can I Schedule My Consultation?

If you are ready to make a change, talk to our team about renewing your smile with a new dental implant restoration. Speak with our office at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts in Hickory, NC and set up a time to talk about your possibilities in prosthodontics. Give us a call at (828) 328-5581 or email our staff at admin@mckinneygraham.com today to start your journey toward a stronger smile!

Implant Dentistry Provides Distinct Advantages Over Other Repairs

Dental Implants in Hickory, NCA Strong Connection To Your Jaw

With a new dental implant, you can have a prosthodontic solution that is as strong as you are. Stop dealing with anxiety whenever you bite into an apple, and instead, give yourself a repair that you can trust.

A Lasting Restoration Can Save You Time And Money

Appliance-based forms of repair (such as a traditional bridge) are made to last anywhere from five to ten years. While these can be helpful, they do not have the longevity of a dental implant restoration. This means that over time, a sturdy dental implant can be the more cost-effective option for replacing a tooth. Save yourself the time and effort by doing it right the first time!

Retain Your Bone Tissue By Avoiding Resorption

When you lose a tooth, your body starts to pull its resources to protect the remaining parts of your smile. This is why those who have lost their entire set of teeth can start to lose definition in their profile appearance. By stimulating the jaw, your dental implants help you to keep your jaw full and healthy, even after losing teeth.

Care For Your Repair Just Like Your Other Teeth

Unlike other methods, you can care for your dental implant in much the same manner as your natural teeth. Except with implant dentistry, your new prosthetic will not develop cavities!

It is important to remember that just because you have a strong prosthodontic solution, you still need to brush and floss regularly. Talk to your dentist about how to properly care for your new replacement. But if you damage your prosthetic, your provider will be able to swap it out for a fresh new one!

Find Out More With Dr. Kyle McKinney

Ready to fill that gap in your smile? Talk to our team at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts about implant restoration and discover your possibilities. To schedule your consultation for dental implants, speak with our team at (828) 328-5581 or email us at admin@mckinneygraham.com today!

McKinney-Graham Dental Arts offers everything you need to maintain and restore your healthy, beautiful smile – all in one location.

We are pleased to offer the best dental implant care near you in Hickory, NC as well as comprehensive general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry in Catawba County.  You can feel confident that we can always provide the care your smile needs.

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We are dedicated to being a dental office for the whole family, meaning we know how to handle dental anxiety and how to make treatments as easy as possible for our patients, including children. Dr. McKinney and Dr. Graham, along with the rest of our skilled team, enjoy caring for patients of all ages at our office.

General Dentist Accepting New Patients

We always welcome new patients, from children and teenagers to adults and seniors, to visit our practice for the dental care you need to achieve and maintain optimal oral health. No matter your treatment, our goal is to keep you comfortable and relaxed. We work together with you to come up with the best solutions that work for you.

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“Personable and very experienced staff. I felt very comfortable in the office. The staff I feel are excellent with the care they provide. Dr. McKinney is awesome, he is patient oriented, provides excellent/expedient and comprehensive care. Observing his interaction with his staff, I thought it made for a very pleasant atmosphere. They all seemed to enjoy working at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts. I received a permanent crown on one visit, instead of having to make two appointments, as is the case with other dentist I have seen in the past with similar issues. I had also received a dental implant on an earlier visit also and am very much pleased with the care given in regards to that. I recommend McKinney-Graham Dental Arts without hesitation.”

McKinney-Graham Dental Arts Dental Implant Specialist Hickory NC

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