“Should I get an oral cancer screening?”

Did you know that thousands of people every year are diagnosed with oral cancer? This disease can be devastating and even deadly if left untreated for too long. That’s why diagnosing oral cancer in its earliest stages is so crucial to the treatment process. Here at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts, we take oral cancer screening seriously, and we can quickly and comfortably scan for oral cancer as a part of your routine dental check-up. In an oral cancer screening, your dentist will be looking for any tissue abnormalities that could suggest its presence.

Scanning a patients mouth at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts

“What does an oral cancer screening entail?”

An oral cancer screening begins with an exam of your mouth and throat. One of our dentists will check your mouth for any type of abnormality—this could be patches of color, ulcerations, rough patches, bumps or swelling. If any abnormalities are found, your dentist will discuss some options for further monitoring or testing to make sure you get the care you need.

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Most dentists also recommend monthly self-exams for oral cancer and to report any changes to abnormalities such as white patches, lumps or sores.

Dr. McKinney discussing treatment with a patient Dr. LeCroy discussing treatment and dental care with a patient

Oral cancer screenings can save lives!

Early detection is crucial—that’s why we incorporate oral cancer screenings into our routine dental exams for our patients.

Routine Dental Exam at McKinney-Graham

Remember, a professional dental cleaning scheduled every 6 months can greatly improve your oral health. Regular dental cleanings remove tarter and plaque buildup and reinforce your at-home oral care. Even more importantly, you will be examined for signs of cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Patient getting their mouth scanned with technology at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts

If you have a family history of oral cancer or participate in certain habits such as tobacco use or excessive alcohol intake, you may be at a higher risk for developing oral cancer. If this is the case, it is recommended to schedule oral cancer screenings every four months. Call us today to schedule your exam. It’s our mission to take care of you!

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