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McKinney-Graham Raves and Reviews

"What are they saying about McKinney-Graham?"

McKinney-Graham Raves and Reviews

What are they saying about McKinney-Graham? Here’s what you need to know about Hickory’s finest dental practice…

“First time visit to this fabulous dental office (read the article published in Hickory Living magazine June issue) and it appeared from the information that they might just be what I was looking for. Boy, have I lucked up! Super kind, knowledgeable, so darn friendly staff that made me feel like I’ve known everyone forever! I am so excited to get a crown in the same day! No waiting for two weeks with a temporary crown until the permanent porcelain crown is ready. That’s just a win win for me!! Thank you Dr. Graham!!”—Julie

Dr. McKinney and staff are always pleasant and informative and friendly. He has changed my views on dentists. Highly recommend this office!”—Heather

“Best dentist experience I’ve ever had!….professional, friendly, helpful and efficient. If you’re looking for a dentist, look no further than McKinney-Graham Dental Arts”—Derrick

“Literally amazing! I am obsessed with Dr. Graham and his staff. All his hygienists/assistants/front office staff have been SUPERB! I truly am so thankful to be a patient there. Never did I think a root canal would have me laughing most of the time it was happening.”—Lacey

“I followed Dr. George Clay DDS to his new wonderful location. He did his amazing dental magic and so quickly extracted my last 4 bottom teeth with such seeming ease. He’s the BEST dentist with the best nurses!!!”—Gailie

“Wonderful dentists that take care of me even though I have extreme dental anxiety.”—Carmen

“The ONLY people I will let touch my teeth. You will not find a more caring, knowledgeable group of people!”—Jason

“In my experience, all of the staff were extremely professional and courteous. Dr. Graham had an air about him that created an almost instantaneous sense of trust that helped melt away the tension and fear that typically accompanies a trip to the dentist.”—Krista

“I have just completed my course of Invisalign and I have to say it was a great decision to have Dr. McKinney handle process. He worked with the aligners until he had the best results for my teeth. I decided to have a little bonding done to alter the shape of my teeth and you absolutely cannot tell the difference between natural tooth enamel and the bonding. Dr. McKinney is a true artist! Thank you so much McKinney-Graham Dental.”—Lorraine

“McKinney-Graham and staff provide professional and compassionate care during all procedures. Everyone including the receptionists, the hygienists, the assistants, and doctors all make sure you are comfortable, well-informed, and treated as a valuable patient. I’ve had cleanings, fillings, crowns, Invisalign, and am presently in the process of receiving an implant. I have been very pleased with the results of all of my treatments.”—Joyce

“Thanks to Dr. Bryan Graham I got my smile back today, with no pain in my pocketbook or my mouth. He and his staff have the three things that make dental care a relief rather than a cause of grief: Quality, affordable care, and a capable compassionate professional group from the head dentists to all the staff. In addition to great dental care his staff get the importance of the details, like texting you reminders with messages about your upcoming appointments. They understand that even those (like me) in their golden years still want to smile freely and openly without worry, and of course prevent digestive issues that come from missing or broken teeth. Dr. G and his staff will treat you and everyone else who comes through that door with dignity, respect and and kindness, while providing top notch dental care affordably. We in the Hickory area are really fortunate to have this dental office with all of these well qualified dental professionals serving us so well. McKinney/Graham is top notch! Thank you all!” —Gail

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