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Designing the Perfect Smile

Designing the Perfect Smile at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts Cosmetic Dentist in Hickory NC

Designing the Perfect Smile

One of the things that we believe sets us apart in the world of cosmetic dentistry is our approach to smile design.

Here at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts, we take both traditional and state-of-the-art technology techniques, and we bring them both together to develop the best “smile design” game plan for you.

When you visit our Hickory office and you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry, the first thing that we’re going to do is discuss your goals. We’ll sit down together and discuss important questions such as,

“What do you see about your smile that you would like to transform?”
“What do you like? What do you not like?”
“What is the smile you’ve always dreamed of?”

What’s really cool about the “smile design” process is we take your dreams—your vision for your dream smile, paired what we know works well—and we create a customized plan that will work uniquely for you.

“So, how does the smile design process work at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts? What can I expect?”

First, we’ll start by taking some photos of your smile—this is where we really start to dial in, and then we use our CEREC® Primescan Technology to scan your teeth. We then take the images from the scans, put them on a computer, and we can sit down and work together to design the smile you’ve always wanted.

We use the latest and the greatest dental technology here at McKinney-Graham, which makes the process much easier, and less time-consuming for you, allowing for your smile transformation to flow smoothly and seamlessly.

Our advanced, state-of-the-art design process will save you a ton of time, so you’ll spend more time showing off your gorgeous new smile, and not near as much time sitting in our dentist chair.

Good news, right? We think so too.

Give us a call, we’d love to talk with you! When you visit for your appointment, we’ll discuss a dental treatment plan that will be ideal for you.

Here at McKinney-Graham Dental Arts, we are proud to be a trusted cosmetic dentist office in the Hickory and surrounding areas. We look forward to walking with you on your transformation journey!

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